Employment Opportunities

Many former and current service members find it challenging to translate the skills they have developed during their service to positions within the civilian world. Similar to military service, the NYCDOE offers a wide variety of positions and unique career opportunities. Every position within the NYCDOE plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the DOE continues to operate efficiently and effectively. Whether you served as a MOS 92G Food Service Specialist in the Army, an Aviation Machinist’s Mate in the Navy, or as an officer in one of the five branches, the DOE’s full-time and part-time employment opportunities will enable you to pursue your interests and promote the skills that you have already acquired through your service. 

The NYCDOE is also collaborating with Troops to Education (formerly Troops to Teachers), a program that helps current and former service members pursue a career in education. For an overview of the program and registration details, visit the Troops to Education website

If you are a current or former service member seeking employment with the NYCDOE, click "Learn More" to find out what kinds of opportunities might be right for you!